StoryBooth COVID is Seeking Participants

Jun 24, 2020

Share your story about COVID-19. We’re listening.

INTERESTED? Share your story. We want to hear from patients, their families and health care workers who are 18 years and older to learn more about how the coronavirus is impacting you. We want to know what topics are important to our community and that may improve health and health care.

WHY? The purpose of this research study is to create an archive of patient, family, and health care worker stories that may help other people impacted by coronavirus. It can also help researchers to better understand people’s experiences with health, illness, coping and the health care system.

WHAT? Participation involves one 45-minute session that takes place over the phone. Participants will have a pre-interview survey, a 20-minute audio-recorded interview and a post-survey interview.

WHO TO CONTACT? The Story Booth Study team at 412-692-2697 or by email at

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