Participants are invited to share how they are maintaining their own health during the coronavirus pandemic or to share what it is like being ill with coronavirus, and/or caring for a loved one who is ill. Participation involves one 45-minute session that takes place over the phone. Eligible participants must be able to read and understand English.

IRB: STUDY19020307B – MyPaTH Story Booth 2.0


Blood/Lymphatic SystemBones, Joints, and MusclesBrain and Nervous SystemCancerChild HealthDigestive SystemEar, Nose, and ThroatEndocrine SystemEyes and VisionFeatured Research Food, Nutrition, and MetabolismGenetic DisordersHealthy AgingHealthy VolunteerHeart and CirculationImmune System/InfectionsInjuries/Injury PreventionKidney and Urinary SystemLungs and BreathingMental Health and BehaviorMouth and TeethPhysical DisabilityPrecision Medicine Reproductive and Sexual HealthSkin, Hair, and NailsSleep DisordersSubstance UseWellness and Lifestyle


MyPaTH Story Booth 2.0 [Adult] (STUDY19020307A)

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