MyPaTH Story Booth – COVID-19 Stories

Apr 8, 2020


Participants are invited to share how they are maintaining their own health during the coronavirus pandemic or to share what it is like being ill with coronavirus, and/or caring for a loved one who is ill. Participation involves one 45-minute session that takes place over the phone. Eligible participants must be able to read and understand English.

IRB: STUDY19020307B – MyPaTH Story Booth 2.0


Blood/Lymphatic SystemBones, Joints, and MusclesBrain and Nervous SystemCancerChild HealthDigestive SystemEar, Nose, and ThroatEndocrine SystemEyes and VisionFeatured Research Food, Nutrition, and MetabolismGenetic DisordersHealthy AgingHealthy VolunteerHeart and CirculationImmune System/InfectionsInjuries/Injury PreventionKidney and Urinary SystemLungs and BreathingMental Health and BehaviorMouth and TeethPhysical DisabilityPrecision Medicine Reproductive and Sexual HealthSkin, Hair, and NailsSleep DisordersSubstance UseWellness and Lifestyle


MyPaTH Story Booth 2.0 [Adult] (STUDY19020307A)

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