Mouse Aging Cell Atlas Analysis Reveals Global and Cell Type Specific Aging Signatures

Jan 8, 2020

Aging is associated with complex molecular and cellular processes that are poorly understood. Here we leveraged the Tabula Muris Senis single-cell RNA-seq dataset35 to systematically characterize gene expression changes during aging across diverse cell types in mouse. We identified aging-dependent genes in 76 tissue-cell types from 23 tissues and characterized both shared and tissue-cell-specific aging behaviors. We found that the aging-related genes shared by multiple tissue-cell types change their expression congruently in the same direction during aging in most tissue-cell types, suggesting a coordinated global aging behavior at the organismal level. We integrated the aging-related genes to construct a cell-wise aging score that allowed us to investigate the aging status of different cell types from a transcriptomic perspective. Overall, our analysis provides one of the most comprehensive and systematic characterization of the molecular signatures of aging across diverse tissue-cell types in a mammalian system.

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