Meet the next generation of entrepreneurs. They’re all over 65

Aug 14, 2019

Inside Senior Planet, the tech-savviest retirement community on earth.

“All these microaggressions people talk about?” Tom Kamber says. “Just imagine what it’s like when you’re 75.”

People knock you out of the way on the street, he says. They attend to the younger guy standing next to you first. Then the job interviews—he’s getting revved up now—when the recruiters ask your age. “Completely illegal question! It’s like asking, ‘Are you really black?’ ‘You seem gay—are you gay?’” Or if the recruiter is sly, trying to hide just how illegal this is, they’ll ask for your graduation year—“It’s such bullshit.”

Kamber is someone you don’t interview as much as witness. He talks at 1.5 times podcast speed. Blink and you’ve missed three sentences. See his bald head and the Art Deco tattoo snaking down his biceps, or watch him salsa at the intergenerational dance party he put on at a New York club, and he seems the world’s least likely director of a senior center. But listen in. Tom Kamber is getting into ageism—“the last ism,” as he calls it—and Tom Kamber has a lot to say about that.

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