Pittsburgh Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center

Clinical Assessment Library

Library of measures for Pepper investigators called Free Open Research Measurement System (FORMS). The goals of the FORMS library are to:

  • promote widespread use of a brief “common data set” of core measures of mobility, balance and falls
  • provide expertise on measure selection, using our FORMS system
  • provide access to formats, protocols, references, psychometric data and data entry systems for an ever growing library of relevant measures
  • provide training to investigators and staff on use and interpretation of measures

The FORMS library includes protocols and formats submitted from participating investigators which are reviewed by core leaders and then submitted to the DMAIC for entry into the FORMS system, an online listing of measures by domain with protocols, data entry screens, data quality checks and scoring.

Common Data Set is designed to promote pooling and comparison between studies. There are four measures in the common data set; the Short Physical Performance Battery, gait speed, a falls history, and a survey of activities and fear of falling (SAFFE).

For more information on the Clinical Assessment Library please contact Dr. Jennifer Brach or Dr. Steven Albert.

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